1. All occupants and their guests must register with the office. All fees are due in advance. You are responsible for the conduct of anyone visiting you during your stay.
  2. Check-in time is 1:00pm, Checkout time is 12:00pm. An additional daily fee shall be assessed for all late checkouts.
  3. Occupy only the space assigned to you at check-in.
  4. VEHICLES. A maximum of 2 vehicles (including RV) is allowed for each space. (Motorcycles or Scooters are not considered vehicles) All vehicles must have a current license.
    Please park only on the portion of your site. If you or your guest park on a vacant space, a charge of $20.00 will be added to your account. Parking in the Visitor’s Parking area is limited to 2 hours between 9am and 9pm.
  5. PETS. Pets are welcome. Only cats and dogs may be kept as pets in the park. No more than 2 pets per RV (prefer they are on the small side).Some major insurances have
    identified certain breeds as having aggressive or unfriendly behavior to both dogs/cats and humans. These certain will not be allowed at FGW RV Park. These breeds are Pit Bulls, Pit Bulls mixes, Rottweiler’s, Dobermans, German Shepherds or Chow’s. All pets must kept on a hand held leash at all times when outside your RV. (This is a State Law.) Pet feces must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly. Do not leave pets unattended. No excessive barking. Each pet owner will sign a contract on check-in. Service
    animals of any breed are welcome, however these animals may not exhibit aggressive behavior.
  6. QUIETS HOURS are 10 PM until 8 AM. Please be considerate of others with your TV, RADIO, and STEREO.
  7. RV’s: Only self-contained, authorized factory built RV’s are
    allowed. No Conversions. The Park reserves the right to refuse admission of vehicles not meeting Park standards. Campers and shells must remain on pickup trucks, unless approved by management.
  8. Camp fires are permitted in approved container pits and fireworks are not permitted.
  9. Campsites must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  10. No soliciting, peddling, loitering, trespassing or
    trading allowed on the park.
  11. Sale of drugs and alcohol is not permitted on the
  12. Help maintain a clean and tidy park, by not littering.
    Please dispose of trash in the proper manner. This includes cigarette butts. Do not throw them on the park grounds.
  13. Large trash cans are not allowed on your space.
    Dispose of each trash bag directly in the trash dumpster.
  14. Storing of trash/garbage in vehicles, especially
    pickup trucks, is not allowed.
  15. Do not put food outside for wild animals.
  16. Do not drink alcohol while walking or driving around
    the park.
  17. Parents are responsible for the supervision and
    conduct of their children at all times.
  18. Sewer hose seal is required for all sewer hookups.
  19. Please respect guest’s privacy by not walking through
    occupied sites.
  20. Please do not remove picnic tables from their sites.
  21. Please close awnings and put chairs away when RV is
    unattended. Strong winds can cause damage.
  22. Every space will be checked periodically by
    management, for compliance with these rules.
  23. No person shall disturb the peace, make unreasonable
    noise ,use profane language, engage in violent behavior, display or discharge a
    firearm or other weapon
  24. Any guest that willfully or negligently destroy park
    property or equipment will be held liable for the value to repair or replace.
  25. All guests of the renters are subject to these rules
    and regulations.
  26. All complaints shall be in writing, signed, dated and
    submitted to the office.
  27. There will be a $25.00 charge for each returned check.
  28. Monthly Renters. Electric bill is due the 15th of every month. Late fee of $10.00 will be added after invoices are issued.
  29. Any monthly or weekly renters who are late on rent
    will be switched to a daily renter and pay the daily rate as posted, for every day late, till the rent is paid in full.
  30. No Partial payment accepted. All payments must be in
  31. Any non-paying renter will be evicted immediately.
  32. No cash refunds issued.
  33. Management/Owner assumes no liability for loss or
    damage to guest property and/or injury to person, pet or party arising due to use of park facilities or caused by others while on the premises.
  34. Management reserves the right to refuse service to
  35. Park rules and policies are subject to change at any
    time by Owner/Management.
  36. Failure to follow these rules is cause for eviction.


LIABILITY: FGW RV PARK will not be responsible for loss or
damage to RV tenant’s property due to theft, vandalism, fire, any other casualty, or act of God. The RV tenants expressly assume all risk of such loss or damage and must carry their own insurance.

INDEMNIFICATION: RV tenants indemnify and hold harmless FGW RV Park, its officers, and employees from all claims, liability, and expenses, including but not limited to attorney and other professional fees, for injury to person, loss of life, or damage to property arising out of tenants exercise of his
rights hereunder, except as my be caused by the gross negligence or intentional acts of FGW RV Park or its officers and /or employees.





Weekly renters will give a notice of 2 days.


Monthly renters will give a notice of 5 days.


Early termination without proper notice has a $25.00 administration fee.


Weekly and Monthly rates will be pro-rated upon early



REFUNDS - if you leave during the month of your stay, the rate changes to the current daily rate.



How to Reach Us:

123 Cologne Road

Cologne, Texas 77905
Phone: 361 485-2373

Email: info@fgwrvpark,com

8:00am to 5:00pm


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To all potential customers be aware that when you use a GPS Device to come to our park, it will guide you from a out of the way direction. The best Direction is to use US Highway 59 to Cologne Road. Also, Call the Park Manager for Direction.


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